Sunday, October 6, 2013

OOTD: Chiffon Maxi Dress

When we get dressed, we think about how we look. Whether pulling on some sweats or zipping up a red carpet worthy gown, we almost always consider our appearance. Hopefully, you love what you wear, and love your reflection in the mirror when your outfit is complete. But I believe that how an article of clothing makes us feel on the inside, regardless of how you look on the outside, is what makes it special. Like those 5-inch stilettos you slip on and feel instantly confident and can take on anything the day throws at you. Or that flowing, airy, sundress that after you put on, you close your eyes and find yourself at a resort on white sand beach of Hawaii. What I'm wearing today does exactly this. When I wear this dress of a simple white tank top bodice and long turquoise skirt, I feel like nothing less than a princess. It's simple and elegent, and a few gold accessories can never hurt.

Dress with belt: LA Hearts
Sandals: Born Concept
Purse: Etienne Aigner
14 K Gold Panda Pendant and Chain: a gift, brand unknown

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Saturday, September 28, 2013

New Trend: Oversized Animal Print

Recently after the iconic New York and London Fashion Weeks, I've noticed a new trend that's been popping up everywhere, and that is oversized animal print. Often times that skin-tight cheetah mini dress can be a bit too sexy for every day. So this enlarged print on a garment of loose fit can be a stylish alternative. Zebra, giraffe, and cheeta were splashed all over Burberry's show in London. Actress Lily Colins was on the cover of Seventeen in August, outfitted in a spotted statement sweater dress. Gwen Stefani was just featured on in a matching animal print blouse and pants.
New Trend: Animal Print

So where can you get this look? Take a look.

H&M Knit Sweater $59.95

Flapper at Boat Neck Animal Print Long Top $30.00

Topshop Fun Leopard Print Tunic Dress $92.00

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Saturday, September 21, 2013

All-Natural Skincare: My Favorite Products

Good morning! So I finally have a spare moment to post an Outfit Of The Day again after an insane week at school. I normally take my photos for those posts outside on my patio, but its pouring down rain! I live in a city in California with one of the record high temperatures this year in the US where we seldom see signs of fall until late October, and it just so happens to rain. I swear, mother nature must think she's all that.

Anyway due to the bizarre torrential downpour and the general gloominess of the weather, I figured I would write about a somewhat gloomy subject: skincare. And more specifically, acne. Don't you dare read that word "acne" and go find another post somewhere else to read because you "don't get pimples." I know you have had at least one little flaw or bump on your near-perfect face in your lifetime. So why is skincare a gloomy subject? Because people are often mislead by the well-advertised, brightly-colored, heavenly-smelling, beautifully packaged "miracles in a tube" that promise to cure whatever is afflicting your skin. Truth is, you can achieve very clear and healthy skin with several all natural products. Here are my top all natural skincare/acne-fighting products.

1. Tea Tree Oil

Love love love. Tea tree oil is an essential oil from the tea tree which grows almost exclusively in Australia. Its an antibacterial and anti-fungal clear liquid that has the consistency of water and smells similar to mint. I use a few drops to spread all over my face at night after cleansing or I add a few drops to my cleanser and rise off. Tea tree oil can be combined with spot treatments as well, but works amazingly on its own dabbed onto a pimple. And not only is it about $7 at Trader Joe's or another health food or specialty store, a one ounce bottle lasts for over 6 months!

2. Lemon Juice

 I think most of us know what a lemon is, but lemon juice makes for the perfect toner. Just squeeze a little wedge of a lemon onto a cotton ball and brush it on your face after cleansing and before moisturizing. It's acidity fades acne scars and kills bacteria, as well as drying out active acne.

 3. Manuka Honey

Think of it as supercharged honey. Manuka honey comes from the manuka plant in New Zealand and it has spectacular healing properties. Because honey is a natural antiseptic and moisturizer, it's perfect for fixing areas around acne that got dry and flaked from a not-so-natural acne treatment. Along with cystic acne, manuka honey helps blisters, cuts, scrapes, wounds, and burns heal unbelievably fast! The type pictured here, Wedderspoon Active 16+ 100% Raw Manuka Honey, is the ideal manuka honey for skincare. Unlike the first two treatments, this stuff is a bit more expensive. I order these 17.6 ounces of honey from amazon for about $22, but it lasts for over a year. If you think about it, you can buy an acne treatnment at the drugstore for $10 in a 2 ounce tube that only lasts for a few months, so manuka honey is really a fantastic deal and much better investment.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar

There are countless health benefits I have heard of from taking apple cider vinegar orally on a regualar basis. I can tell you that this stuff definitely works topically for your skin. Its a great toner (I combine a half teaspoon of apple cider vinegar with the same amount of lemon juice for a nightly toner). It's extremely cheap. You want to buy the raw, unfiltered kind that looks a bit cloudy that says it has "the mother." I'm not exactly sure what "the mother" means but I know its important, go Google it. Only one problem: it has that classic, nasty vinegar smell. If you can avoid inhaling the stench while you apply it, you're good to go because the smell doesn't' linger, I promise.

5. Water 

Not mineral water. Not spring water. Not Evian, Voss, or Fugi. Just whatever comes out of your refrigerator or kitchen tap. Drinking water is absolutely crucial in clear, healthy, and hydrated skin. The more you drink, the more toxins are flushed out of your body. Aim for 8 cups a day, and 10 cups if you sweat when exercising. This isn't only the best way to cure acne form the inside out, but I find drinking plenty of water every day de-bloats my stomach and gives me so much more energy! And, when you are constantly drinking water, you won't even be thirsty for that soda or two at dinner or sugary juice with breakfast. Having a soft drink or juice will become more like a treat, rather than a necessary thirst-quencher. Also, to give your skin a break from all the treatments you use, wash your face with just water a few times a week rather then your cleanser.




I have personally tried all these remedies and they have been incredibly successful. Why would you stuff your face with harmful chemicals and too-harsh medications when you can use simple, gentle, and often cheaper skincare treatments? I hope this helps you, and thank you for reading!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

East Coast Vacation

Hello, everyone! Sorry for those few weeks I disappeared off the face of the earth, but after I returned from my trip school was starting and I simply ran out of time to post. I missed you all dearly and before I get back to posting about fashion, I absolutely have to share the details of my vacation with you!

We got a VERY early start at my residence in Redding, California on Wednesday July 31st to drive southwest four hours to the beautiful city of San Francisco, ariving around 9 am. Because our flight wasn't for another 12 hours, the family and I visited some of our favorite places there.

  The Palace of Fine Arts

 Ate fresh clam chowder, calamari, best-of-the-best fish sandwiches at Fisherman's Warf

 The California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park: a museum, zoo, planetarium, and aquarium all rolled into one.
 By the end of the day, we were exhausted, but couldn't contain our excitement for the east coast. We departed San Francisco International Airport around 11 pm, were airborne for 5 hours, then arrived in Philadelphia before sunrise the next morning. After driving into the city, we walked to see some historical sites, like Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell.

Had my first Philly cheese steak in Philadelphia, how perfect is that?

The next day I had the pleasure of going to my absolute favorite place to be: the beach. Yes, I live in Cali but not in Malibu. Not in Long Beach, nor Santa Cruz or Huntington. These places are 9 hours south of my house, so the beaches I go to are on the northern California coast. They are beautiful, but freezing. You need to be wearing jeans and a sweater, swimming is out of the question. The last time I went to a beach in a swimsuit was on a vacation to Hawaii at least 4 years ago, so coming to the sunny Delaware coast was well-anticipated. We spent the day at Rehoboth Beach and Boardwalk, where we swam, sunbathed, shopped, and stuffed ourselves with heavenly Grotto's pizza.

As well as sight-seeing and enjoying the beaches, I got to see my grandma, great-grandma, countless second cousins and great aunts and uncles who I hadn't seen in years, or hadn't even met. The entirety of my mom's side of the family lives on the east coast between Manhattan, NY and Fort Meyers, the southern tip of Florida, so sadly visiting her relatives isn't common for us. But I had the best time with my loving family and I cant wait to see them again.
Anyway, after meeting up with family in Delaware, the next few days we moved on to the beautiful Jersey Shore. First up was Cape May Point and Cape May Beach.

 I even got to do some boogie boarding!

Victorian mansions just off the beach.

The next day we went to yet another NJ beach, Stone Harbor. Before comming here, I only had the vaguest of memories of Stone Harbor from when I came at age 3 or 4. It was cloudy but warm and beautiful, just as I remembered it.

That night, we really had some fun at the notorious Wild Wood! This Jersey boardwalk and four piers hosts hundreds of restaurants, arcades, rides, roller coasters, haunted ships, and the best view of the shore atop the Ferris Wheel. We were out until midnight partying on the pier!

The next morning we drove to Washington DC. This place is amazing! We did some major sight-seeing, between the Lincoln Memorial, Smithsonian Museums, Washington Monument, the White House and many more.

The following day, we drove north to the place I had wanted to go to more than anywhere in the world: New York City. It was stunning. New York is so incredibly perfect and I loved it more than words can describe. The city simply took my breath away. I am going to live there at some point in my life. I just know it.

Freedom Tower

 Did I mention I also got to see Flo Rida in concert on the Today Show in Rock Center?! I was thisclose to him. Thisclose.

 I saw Savannah Guthrie, Willie Geist and the rest of the Today Show ensemble, even Jimmy Fallon made an appearance on the Show! 

After 10 days, we drove all the way back to Philly and flew back to San Francisco. I had such an amazing time on the east coast and I am so anxious for our next trip there!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Jersey Shore, Here I Come!

Hi everyone! From this Wednesday until August 12th I will be on a family vacation and I'm not lugging my laptop around so I won't get to post anything:( But I can't wait for this trip! We are driving a few hours to San Francisco International Airport, then flying all the way to Philadelphia. I will be spending time in Philly, Delaware, Ocean City (Maryland), various beaches in New Jersey, Baltimore, Washington D.C, and NYC! I haven't been to the east coast since I was eight when I went to Disney World but that was nowhere near any of the places I'm visiting. All of my mom's side of the family lives there so I will get to see (and meet!) countless relatives. I last saw my grandma (lives in Florida) and great grandma (lives in Delaware) 7 years ago! I'm so excited I can hardly stand it! I will take dozens of pictures to share with you when I get back.

See you in two weeks!

Much love,

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

WOW: Weekly Obsession Wednesday

Sea, Air & Sun

WOW: Hancelscloset ( Turquoise Sundress Blue Day Dress- $39

I've been seeing coutless items that claim they are turquoise but are a washed out and faded color. Its a breath of fresh air to see a deep, beautiful, true turquoise. This is my week's obsession because of its gorgeous color and flowing fit. I am a huge fan of oversize shift dresses cinched at the waist by a belt or elastic. The sundress is from a seller on and is very versatile and affordable as well. A pearly marble bangle and a gold pendant and earings give it a dressier vibe. I also matched it with a faded clutch and the ever-stylish nude pumps.

Thank you for reading! Here is the link to this dress for sale on Etsy:

Thursday, July 18, 2013

WOW: Weekly Obsession Wednesday (Belated)

Embroidered Blouse

WOW: Joie Dolina Top- $158
I love the laid-back, effortless style of a peasant top. They are loose, breathable, and usually adorned with the cutest embroidery, buttons, etc. The orange accents stand out against the navy blue, and I love that combination of bright and dark. Simple white shorts and a nude clutch provide a touch of elegance and a backdrop for the statement wedge sandals.

You probably noticed today is not Wednesday. I apologize to my few precious followers who read my blog for bleating this post until today, just not enough time yesterday. But anyway, thanks for reading:)

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

OOTD: Chevron Romper

I know I haven't posted and Outfit of the Day in a while, so here you go!

 This chevron romper screams summer to me. The bold print and golden yellow is absolutely fantastic. I love rompers for so many reasons. For one, you don't have to worry about finding matching bottoms or a top. Also the lightweight fabric and loose fit are perfect for a hot day. I accented it with a gold heirloom heart locket that originally belonged to my great grandmother and several string friendship anklets. And I topped it all off with a pair of comfy grey boat shoes.
Thanks for reading! <3 and by the way, rest in peace Talia Joy.