Sunday, June 30, 2013

DIY: Closet of Inspiration

I was always very artistic. As a kid, one of my favorite projects was creating collages. Recently, I was working on de-cluttering my room and I decided my old pile of
magazines (Vouge, Elle, In Style, Marie Claire, Seventeen) was first to go. But while flipping through their familiar pages for one last time, I remembered my love of collages. So I began clipping out quotes, pictures, and anything else I could find that I liked. After laying out all those glossy scraps, I tried to find a place I could arrange them where I would see them every day. Where better then inside my closet? After all, its the perfect place to feel inspired. All I had to do was tape them to the walls of my closet. Ta-da! A unique and personalized masterpiece that helps me remember what is most important in my life, at a glance. 

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