Saturday, June 22, 2013

New Trends

 New Trends
I believe fashion is about balancing the timeless classics with fresh new trends. Some of these trends can add new life to your wardrobe, while others are a bit ridiculous. Here are my Top 8 and Bottom 6 trends of the season. 

Top 8

1. Denim Jacket

The denim jacket is actually a revived classic. Known for their versatility, they can be worn in a causal setting or easily dressed up. This outerwear is comfortable too once you break it in, like a new pair of jeans.

2. Pop of Neon

No, neon does not exclusively describe flashy 80's attire and street signs. The florescent glow of an accessory or simple piece of clothing can brighten any outfit and instantly make a statement piece.

3. High-Low Hem

Today's styles are all about asymmetry. A high-low hem (usually higher in front than back) applied to different pieces is an unexpected way to alter the structure and drape of the clothing. This hemline is used for every level of formality, from a casual shirt-dress to a formal gown.

4. Sleeveless Shirt

This is a new take on the usually masculine and structured collared button down. A sleeveless shirt is an absolute necessity for the summer months. They range from every solid color to the most interesting of prints, as well as different materials, but chiffon and denim are by far the most popular.

5. Front-tie Top

A front-tie top sports a small knot positioned at the front or side of a blouse. Simple, cute, and can be added yourself using any long or oversize shirt.

6. Infinity Scarf

This scarf does not have two ends, but is one big circle that is wrapped around the neck. While this concept is the original idea for its name, I think the "infinity" part signifies that it brings infinite possibilities to an outfit. Their volume balances out a fitted top, but they can be accessorized with nearly every causal get-up.

7. Sweetheart Neckline

Most commonly adorned on dresses of all kinds, a sweetheart neckline adds a sense of youth and innocence.

8. Flash of Metal 

Unless you are a knight in shining armor, most of us can agree that our everyday attire is not made of metal. I think we can also agree that a small something shiny can diversify texture. I'm not suggesting you go bedazzle everything in your closet, but let it be noticeable, like a studded sandal.

Least favorite Trends 

Bottom 6

1. Jelly Sandals

They look cheap, feel cheap, but aren't cheap. Wait... whaaa??

2. An Overabundance of Bows

Yes, bows are cute... as embellishments on baby beanies and atop wrapped gifts. Wearing a hair bow, bow ring and bow necklace? I call that overkill.

3. Destroyed High-Waisted Shorts 

I'm on the fence about this one. I have seen several pairs of clean-cut high-waisted shorts in various prints and materials that I would love to welcome to my closet to pair with oversize flowing tops. But its the torn and heavily frayed denim of the super-short yet unflattering cut that seems to be most popular.

 4. Multiple-finger Rings

More commonly called brass knuckles, these chunky rings are popping up everywhere. Alongside their overly edgy appearance, they are uncomfortable and restrict movement. No thanks.

5. Galaxy Print

Before buying an article of clothing, you should always make sure that it can be matched with at least five outfits you already own. Looks like you'll never find me purchasing anything bearing that obnoxious swirl of blue, pink and yellow. As if another piece of clothing or accessory could possibly reduce the tackiness of galaxy print.

6. Denim Overalls

What has this world come to? Seriously though, these are meant to be worn for farm work or as play clothes for children. Lets keep the overalls in the barn and out of the everyday wardrobe.

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