Monday, July 15, 2013

DIY: Makeup Organizer

Many believe all teenagers' bedrooms and bathrooms are constantly messy. I can tell you this is simply a stereotype because I am nearly 15 and thoroughly enjoy a clutter-free space. But no one would guess I am organized at the least by peeking in my makeup drawer. Until yesterday, that space was home to my everyday goop and glitter. It looked exactly like the pictures in those Where's Waldo? books. You try not to get distracted by those hundreds of little useless people running around (makeup products I don't need at the moment) while desperately searching for Waldo, or in this case, my favorite concealer or that one lip gloss. Thanks to the mother of all DIY projects (Pinterest) I found a cheap and easy way to store all my tubes, pots, compacts, and brushes. First, let me show my drawer before the organization revelation.

Now that's over with, say hello to my new foam board makeup container! 


Foam Board (I needed three 11"x14" boards, but it depends on how big you are planning to make it)
Glue or hot glue
Xacto knife (scissors aren't sharp enough for a clean cut)
Cutting board

First, cut out a bottom panel and four side panels with your xacto knife using measurements from inside the drawer. 

Then, I chose where I wanted the inner separators to be according to my various products and their quantity. I sketched them out on the bottom panel. After that, I began cutting out the inner panels to the desired width and the length from the sketch and glued them down. 

After all the inner separators are glued down, glue down the side panels. I used some of my makeup products to actually hold all the panels upright while the glue dried overnight. In the morning, place all your product in the desired sections and ta-da! 

Thank you for reading! 


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