Sunday, July 7, 2013

Favorite Accessories

Just thought I would show off a few of my favorite accessories I own.

Print Sunglasses 

You glance at them and think what could I possibly wear with these? Believe it or not I can wear these shades with almost every outfit in my wardrobe. They were from PacSun for about $15, super comfortable and bring an extra detail to whatever you are wearing.

Elephant Bracelet: 

I got this at a little boutique in Mount Shasta City, California. I love that it has mixed metals so I can wear it with any other jewelry pieces. And elephants are fabulous, obviously.

 Heart Ring:

I was never a fan of rings until I went to a fair near my town and bought this for $5 there! It's small and noticeable without being bulky. The heart design is also adorable.

Thanks for reading! Hope you liked my picture edits:)

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