Monday, July 1, 2013

My Fashion Designs: Knit and Linen Dress

 As well as a fashion enthusiast and blogger, I also design and sew many of my own garments. Ive been a seamstress my entire life. I was introduced to a needle and thread at four years old and, thanks to my grandmother and great aunt, mastered the sewing machine by age six. I started making clothes for my American Girl Doll, after eying the expensive little dresses and such in the monthly catalog. I received my own sewing machine for my eighth birthday and have been using it since. It wasn't until I was eleven when I revisited my old hobby and began experimenting with clothes for myself. You could say I bit off more than I could chew when I attempted making a chiffon formal dress. Long story short, that ended in such frustration that I slammed the uncooperative mess of fabric into the garbage can. I learned that not every project will be a success. Slowly but surely with each new piece I was improving. My serger gifted to me last summer also helped. I can definitely say that this dress is my most successful project yet.

This is a strapless dress with a stretchy knit bodice and floral printed linen skirt.

 Like all of my designs, it started with a sketch. Recently I learned how to draw proportional human figures perfect for fashion sketches, but I'm still working on my sketching skills.

Then comes the actual sewing part. Honestly this was a pretty simple dress. I decided on something somewhat easy specifically because I wanted to put my new-found serging abilities to the test. The only difficulty I had was working with such a stretchy knit and the structure of the woven linen with no stretch at all.

Here is the finished product. Overall, it took about 6 hours to create for about $13 for supplies/ fabric. I would say that's a pretty good deal.

Thanks for reading!

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