Saturday, September 21, 2013

All-Natural Skincare: My Favorite Products

Good morning! So I finally have a spare moment to post an Outfit Of The Day again after an insane week at school. I normally take my photos for those posts outside on my patio, but its pouring down rain! I live in a city in California with one of the record high temperatures this year in the US where we seldom see signs of fall until late October, and it just so happens to rain. I swear, mother nature must think she's all that.

Anyway due to the bizarre torrential downpour and the general gloominess of the weather, I figured I would write about a somewhat gloomy subject: skincare. And more specifically, acne. Don't you dare read that word "acne" and go find another post somewhere else to read because you "don't get pimples." I know you have had at least one little flaw or bump on your near-perfect face in your lifetime. So why is skincare a gloomy subject? Because people are often mislead by the well-advertised, brightly-colored, heavenly-smelling, beautifully packaged "miracles in a tube" that promise to cure whatever is afflicting your skin. Truth is, you can achieve very clear and healthy skin with several all natural products. Here are my top all natural skincare/acne-fighting products.

1. Tea Tree Oil

Love love love. Tea tree oil is an essential oil from the tea tree which grows almost exclusively in Australia. Its an antibacterial and anti-fungal clear liquid that has the consistency of water and smells similar to mint. I use a few drops to spread all over my face at night after cleansing or I add a few drops to my cleanser and rise off. Tea tree oil can be combined with spot treatments as well, but works amazingly on its own dabbed onto a pimple. And not only is it about $7 at Trader Joe's or another health food or specialty store, a one ounce bottle lasts for over 6 months!

2. Lemon Juice

 I think most of us know what a lemon is, but lemon juice makes for the perfect toner. Just squeeze a little wedge of a lemon onto a cotton ball and brush it on your face after cleansing and before moisturizing. It's acidity fades acne scars and kills bacteria, as well as drying out active acne.

 3. Manuka Honey

Think of it as supercharged honey. Manuka honey comes from the manuka plant in New Zealand and it has spectacular healing properties. Because honey is a natural antiseptic and moisturizer, it's perfect for fixing areas around acne that got dry and flaked from a not-so-natural acne treatment. Along with cystic acne, manuka honey helps blisters, cuts, scrapes, wounds, and burns heal unbelievably fast! The type pictured here, Wedderspoon Active 16+ 100% Raw Manuka Honey, is the ideal manuka honey for skincare. Unlike the first two treatments, this stuff is a bit more expensive. I order these 17.6 ounces of honey from amazon for about $22, but it lasts for over a year. If you think about it, you can buy an acne treatnment at the drugstore for $10 in a 2 ounce tube that only lasts for a few months, so manuka honey is really a fantastic deal and much better investment.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar

There are countless health benefits I have heard of from taking apple cider vinegar orally on a regualar basis. I can tell you that this stuff definitely works topically for your skin. Its a great toner (I combine a half teaspoon of apple cider vinegar with the same amount of lemon juice for a nightly toner). It's extremely cheap. You want to buy the raw, unfiltered kind that looks a bit cloudy that says it has "the mother." I'm not exactly sure what "the mother" means but I know its important, go Google it. Only one problem: it has that classic, nasty vinegar smell. If you can avoid inhaling the stench while you apply it, you're good to go because the smell doesn't' linger, I promise.

5. Water 

Not mineral water. Not spring water. Not Evian, Voss, or Fugi. Just whatever comes out of your refrigerator or kitchen tap. Drinking water is absolutely crucial in clear, healthy, and hydrated skin. The more you drink, the more toxins are flushed out of your body. Aim for 8 cups a day, and 10 cups if you sweat when exercising. This isn't only the best way to cure acne form the inside out, but I find drinking plenty of water every day de-bloats my stomach and gives me so much more energy! And, when you are constantly drinking water, you won't even be thirsty for that soda or two at dinner or sugary juice with breakfast. Having a soft drink or juice will become more like a treat, rather than a necessary thirst-quencher. Also, to give your skin a break from all the treatments you use, wash your face with just water a few times a week rather then your cleanser.




I have personally tried all these remedies and they have been incredibly successful. Why would you stuff your face with harmful chemicals and too-harsh medications when you can use simple, gentle, and often cheaper skincare treatments? I hope this helps you, and thank you for reading!


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